As the St. Charles area continued to look to the future and evaluate its assets, it became apparent that while the St. Charles School District and the City of St. Charles were both proactive in helping to guide the growth of the community, both also lacked a mechanism to allow residents and guests of our area to give back in a charitable manner, while also leaving a legacy for future generations.

After a joint City Council and School Board meeting held in early 2015, it was decided at that time, that a shared goal would be to help in the creation of a foundation. Through the partnership with the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation this foundation would provide the vehicle by which charitable gifts could help to build and sustain various community interests, events and visions that were otherwise unattainable. In September of 2015, the first St. Charles Area Community Foundation board met and held their first meeting to adopt its mission and values. 

Newly elected foundation president, Amy Berends, stated, “The goal of the community foundation is to help St. Charles and our surrounding area reach its full potential by providing the necessary resources to achieve our citizens hopes and dreams for our community, this ultimately will help our area to prosper and grow.”  She continued, “As a community we recognize all of the potential that St. Charles has to offer, we feel the St. Charles Area Community Foundation can serve as the missing piece that will help to make the dreams of our community a reality.”


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