St. Charles Area Community Foundation Grant Application

The St. Charles Area Community Foundation (SCACF) provides grants to support programs and projects that improve the quality of life and build a stronger community in the greater St. Charles area. The foundation is primarily interested in funding new and innovative projects or programs that build on existing strengths of an organization or the community.

Proposals must be submitted by a 501(c) nonprofit organization or a unit of government, such as municipalities, townships, and school districts. Include a copy of the IRS Determination Letter if the applicant is a 501(c) organization. Applicants that are not tax-exempt nonprofit organizations must apply through a suitable fiscal agent willing to accept responsibility for the project, such as a municipality or school district.

Grants are awarded as funding permits. The SCACF Board of Directors uses the following criteria when reviewing and evaluating applications:

  • Focus Area:  The population directly benefiting from the project is in the greater St. Charles area.
  • Need or Impact:  There is a demonstrated need in the community for the project or service, and the funding would have direct and/or indirect significant impact on the community.
  • Collaboration:  There is an overall effort to collaborate and pool resources with other area organizations to make the project a reality.
  • Sustainability:  There is a reasonable potential of the organization to be able to maintain such a program or project, if applicable, into the future.
  • Measurability:  The project has clear goals and outcomes that are measurable.

In addition to the above criteria, preference is given to the following:

  • Projects that have the greatest potential for long-term community benefits.
  • Projects that meet community needs not currently being met
  • Projects that promote volunteer participation and citizen involvement in meeting community needs.
  • Projects with a high potential for success, as demonstrated by the organization’s degree of commitment and the ability to obtain needed resources to plan, organize, implement and complete the project with integrity.

Generally SCACF does not make grants to:

  • political campaigns
  • organizations that discriminate
  • individuals
  • religious organizations that are purely denominational or sectarian in purpose
  • general operating budgets of tax-supported educational institutions

Grant applications may be mailed to St. Charles Area Community Foundation, c/o Grant Committee, P.O. Box 743, St. Charles, MN  55972.

Applicant Information
Applicant Organization
Contact Person
Zip Code
Organization Type - Please check all that apply:
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Fiscal Agent contact information, Federal Tax ID Number, signature:
(if you selected Fiscal Agent above)
Proposal Information
Project Title:
What is the projected timeline for the project?
Indicate the population served by your project and the projected number of people, agencies, businesses, and communities to be served by your project.
Total Project Cost:
Amount Requested:
Executive summary (2-3 sentence description) of your request:
Proposal Narrative

Answer the following questions in no more than 2 pages:

Organizational History- Briefly describe your organization.
Program Goals- What does the project hope to accomplish? What is your focus?
Program Objectives- These are the clear, specific, and measurable outcomes of the project. State the who, what, where, and when.
Methods- How are you going to accomplish the goals and objectives? What combination of activities and strategies have you selected to bring about the desired results? Why did you select this approach, given all of the possible approaches?
Evaluation- How will you measure your results?
Project Budget
How much will your total project cost?
2. How much are you requesting from the St. Charles Area Community Foundation?
3. How much have you or will you recieve from other contributors? (#2 + #3 must equal #1)
4. List how this money and other contributions will be spent. (The total of #4 must equal #1)
5. How many hours do you estimate that people will spend working on this project?
6. List any in-kind contributions. (In-kind contributions are gifts of goods or services instead of cash)
Submission Checklist
Submission Checklist

I have read and comply with the grant application requirements and criteria.  To the best of my knowledge, all information provided in this application is true and correct.

Agreement: In submitting the application, the applicant agrees to the following:

  1. The applicant will spend funds solely for the purposes stated in the application. The applicant will refund any dollars that are used outside of this purpose. In addition the applicant will submit a final report, within one year, in a format provided by SCACF, including a financial statement documenting the expenditure of grant funds.
  2. The applicant realizes that payment of the funds granted will be at the convenience of the SCACF, including cancellation of the grant and/or modification of previously agreed upon payment schedules should such cancellation or modification be deemed necessary by the SCACF.
  3. The applicant understands that the SCACF, in researching this grant application, may review any and all of the information submitted as part of the requests with advisors of the SCACF’s choosing, if deemed necessary by the SCACF.
  4. The applicant will recognize the SCACF in all appropriate publicity connected to the applicant program.
  5. The applicant understands that by submitting this application to the SCACF for review, a grant is not guaranteed.
Authorized Signature