About Our Town USA Community Foundation

Our Town USA Community Foundation was founded by a local chartering board of directors in July 2018. The foundation has contracted with the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation for fund management and legal services. Our Town USA Community Foundation has adopted a constitution and bylaws document which is independent of, yet in compliance with, the legal structure of the Initiative Foundation. This structure reduces overhead expenses while receiving the benefit of IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit tax status and legal registry as a charity with the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General.


Purpose statement: The Community Foundation is to serve as a community leader to improve the quality of life by promoting effective grant making, fostering philanthropy, stimulate community dialogue and assist donors to achieve their charitable objectives.


2019 Goals:

  1. Complete Town Hall meetings in each community to educate regarding our purpose and gain feedback as to their unique needs.
  2. Establish partnerships with other local foundations to broaden the Foundations ability to better serve each community.
  3. Gain one Board member from each community for best representation of the communities we serve.
  4. Establish committees in each community to assist with projects and fundraising.
  5. Establish guidelines for committees as to budget and responsibilities to ensure appropriate Board approval on all activities.
  6. Complete one requested project in each community.
  7. Hold major fundraiser to provide the $3000.00 money needed to obtain SMIF Matching Grant. We serve the communities of the (USC School District) Bricelyn, Easton, Freeborn, Kiester, Walters and Wells.