Profinium/Krahmer donation expands SMIF’s Parenting Matters workplace trainings

OWATONNA, Minn., March 22, 2016 –Profinium and Fred and Shelly Krahmer have contributed $20,000 to Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation's (SMIF) Parenting Matters: A Workplace Education program. This contribution will directly support the development and implementation of an additional workplace training session focused on early literacy. The complete series of five Parenting Matters classes will be offered at 10 businesses in Blue Earth, Martin, and Steele Counties over the next two years.

SMIF launched Parenting Matters in 2012. Many working families find it difficult to participate in the traditional parenting classes due to conflicting work schedules, time commitments and cost. To help remove these barriers, Parenting Matters engages parents where they spend a majority of their time: the workplace.

“Since 2012, we’ve worked with nearly 300 parents and caregivers at 13 workplaces, covering topics including social emotional development, identifying and managing emotions, how to teach self-control and problem solving, dealing with strong emotions, and reducing stress at home,” said SMIF Early Childhood Director Teri Steckelberg.

These social emotional skills trainings are given over four lunch-hour sessions. The new grant from Profinium and Krahmer will enable the program to add a fifth session that will focus on encouraging early literacy.

“The personal and social benefits of reading to young children are well established, but in our busy days, all too often we put our kids in front of televisions or tablets instead of engaging their growing minds with books,” said Fred W. Krahmer of Krahmer Law Office in Fairmont. “SMIF’s Parenting Matters sessions are already helping parents and grandparents better engage their children. We are thrilled to be able to help expand the program and add a session focused on the importance of reading to our children early and often – even if it is just a little bit every day.”

“For the next two years, the Profinium Team has chosen to focus its charitable efforts on communicating and improving early childhood education,” said Marques Doppler, CEO of Profinium, Inc. “SMIF’s efforts to move the meter on early childhood literacy fits perfectly with our focus.”

For more information on Parenting Matters: A Workplace Education, including how to bring this training to a workplace, contact Teri Steckelberg at 507-455-3215 or

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