Pre-K to Grade 3 Alignment Strategy Sessions

Monday, October 17, 20168:30 amWednesday, October 19, 20163:30 pm
Mankato, Rochester, and Owatonna
Pre-K to Grade 3 Alignment Strategy Sessions

Exciting news: Dr. Adam Holland will be back in Minnesota to offer more insight into Pre-K to Grade 3 implementation best practices. You should RSVP if 1) you missed him last time (it was great - everyone found his presentation very helpful!) or 2) you attended and want even more information.

The issue: Many communities have been making progress in Pre-K to Grade 3 alignment work. However, the lack of funding and of knowledge about how to create a culture of alignment make it challenging for communities to make it a priority.

Last time we met, we discussed how to create classroom communities that ensure children and families feel engaged and included from Pre-K through the elementary grades. In this meeting, we will expand the understanding of seamless transitions we developed last time to include seamless pedagogy. Topics will include metacognition, the role of playful learning, engagement through student interest, and project-based learning. There will be a focus on creating workable plans that can be taken back to and implemented in the classroom this year.

"The goal of the Pre-K to Grade 3 Initiative is to bridge the communication gap so that our pre-k work is truly a foundation that can be successfully built upon in the early elementary years," said Teri Steckelberg, SMIF's Early Childhood Director.

It is extremely valuable to your community to bring a team, including Superintendents, Elementary Principals, Pre-K to Grade 3 teachers, Paraprofessional, Curriculum Directors, Community Education Directors, as well as representatives of Child Care and Community Preschools.

Monday, October 17: Mankato
Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota
224 Lamm St.
Mankato, MN 56001

Tuesday, October 18: Rochester
Southeast Service Cooperative
Wood Lake Meeting Center
210 Wood Lake Drive SE
Rochester , MN 55904

Wednesday, October 19: Owatonna
Steele County Historical Society
1700 Austin Road
Owatonna, MN 55060

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