Mapleton Area Foundation History

In May of 1992, a group of people with a vision to “improve the quality of life in the Mapleton area” by supporting local organizations and assisting in community and economic growth, began the Mapleton Area Foundation. The original members were Mike Johnson who was the president of the foundation, Richard Van Brunt, vice president, Norma Blaisdell, secretary, and Marvin Kimm, treasurer.  The Board of Directors of the foundation was Elmer Brocker, Harv Hislop, Jim Swanson, Bill Keller, Loren Cumming, Cedric Rather and Les Anderson.  Linda Jacobson gave the first donation of $1,000 from the South Eastern Minnesota Initiative Foundation.  The foundation pledged to match every $3,000 raised at the local level with another $1,000 up to $5,000. Within a matter of a few weeks, the foundation had raised $3250. At the time, the foundation was hoping to raise enough money to create a base fund upon which an endowment could be built. It was determined that only the interest on the endowment would be used as grant monies. The original foundation helped fund the first Mapleton Youth Center that was located by the Plaid Piper all those years ago, the picnic shelter in Library Park and Veteran’s Park. 

Excerpt from article by Maple River Messenger