Mapleton Area Foundation Grant Application


The Mapleton Area Foundation (MAF) awards grants to support programs and projects that improve the quality of life and build a stronger sense of community in the Greater Mapleton Area. Recipients must be either a 501 (C)3 organization, unit of government or public agency to apply.  If you do not have one of these statutes, please use a fiscal host.


Funding consideration for grants is based on whether programs, organizations or projects fall within the general grants program guidelines. MAF uses the following criteria when reviewing and evaluating applications:

            Focus Area – The population directly benefitting from the project is in the greater MAF area.

            Need or Impact – There is a demonstrated need in the MAF area.

            Collaboration – There is an overall effort to collaborate and pool resources.

            Sustainability – There is a reasonable potential of the organization to be able to maintain such

                                       a program or project to make the project a reality.

            Measurability – The project has clear goals and outcomes that are measurable.


Grants are reviewed twice a year by a committee consisting of MAF Advisory Board Members and outside partners.

Preference is given to projects that demonstrate potential for long-term community benefit, have the potential for success in achieving their objectives, and encourage partnerships between and among community service groups, non-profit organizations and institutions.


Generally MAF does not make grants to:

  •  Political campaigns
  •  Individuals
  •  Capital/building campaigns
  •  Endowments
  •  Fraternal organizations or school athletic funds
  •  Religious organizations that are purely denominational or sectarian in purpose
  •  National health agencies or their local affiliates
  •  General operating budgets of tax-supported educational institutions or government agencies
  •  Sports leagues or athletic organizations for day to day operations
  •  General operating support to foundations that are themselves grant-making bodies
  •  Trips and tours


The Mapleton Area Foundation will operate without discrimination and will award grants only to agencies and organizations that do not discriminate as to age, race, religion, disability, sex, or national origin.

Applicant Information
Applicant Organization
Contact Person
Application Date
Zip Code
Provide a brief description of you program or project:
What is the projected timeline for the project? (Start Date and End Date)
Total Project Cost:
Amount Requested:
Please check which fiscal host you will be using:
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Fiscal Agent contact information, Federal Tax ID Number, signature:
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Proposal Information
Project Title:
Indicate the population served by your project and the projected number of people, agencies, businesses, and communities to be served by your project.
Proposal Narrative
List objectives of the program or project
Who will benefit from and/or participate in the program or project?
How will the program or project enhance or sustain the quality of life in the Mapleton Area?
List the time frame of the program or project
What will the long-term impact of this project be?
How will you evaluate and document your program or project?
Project Budget
Expected expenses
Expected income- What have you already obtained and who from? What do you anticipate to obtain and who from?
Non-cash donations- What have you received and who from?
List financial partner(s) and attach letter(s) of support

Provide the following information about your organization

A brief history with your purpose and mission.
Governing Board and Staff.
Who receives your services?
List National affiliation(s) (if any):
Attach most recent annual financial statement if applicable
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Attach annual report if applicable
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Submission Checklist

I have read and comply with the grant application requirements and criteria.  To the best of my knowledge, all information provided in this application is true and correct.

Applicant agrees to the following:

1. To spend funds solely for the purpose stated in the application and will refund any unspent portion of such funds.

2. To provide partner match support letter(s) and a final report(s) as required by MAF.

3. Payment of funds granted will be at the discretion of MAF, including cancellation of the grant and/or modification of previously agreed upon payment schedules should such cancellation or modification be deemed necessary by MAF.

4. Understands that MAF, in evaluating this grant application, may review any and all of the information submitted as part of this request with advisers of the Foundation's choosing, as deemed necessary by MAF.

5. A final report must be submitted to MAF at the end of the project.


All financial information will be classified as private and will not be made public at any time.

Submission timetable:

Grant applications will be reviewed at semi-annually. Applications must be received by March 15th, and September 15th. Grants are reviewed twice a year by a committee consisting of MAF Advisory Board Members and outside partners. You will receive notification within 30 days.

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