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How $3.5 million can strengthen our region's future

Imagine vibrant communities where entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses, children are prepared for their future and communities build the resources and networks needed to sustain their quality of life… Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation's three-year campaign will strengthen our region’s future. Won’t you join us in creating vibrant communities where more than 581,000 people call home?



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With $3.5 million, we will...

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Philanthropy, unlike charity, is a long-term strategic investment of our charitable resources for the public good. It goes beyond responding to immediate needs by taking a long-view of investing to eliminate underlying causes of social issues and challenges. We will capitalize on this belief by building SMIF’s resources to attain our goals and future vitality, while also working to ensure our communities can build and retain resources that will help generations to come. You can help us reach our goal and impact southern Minnesota’s future by contributing today to our campaign in one of three areas: General Endowment, Entrepreneur Fund or Youth Trust Fund.

General Endowment

GOAL: Grow the general endowment fund by $1.5 million to ensure the longevity and stability of our communities for the future.

Supports SMIF's overall vision of growing vibrant communities, successful economies and engaged and valued citizens. This fund sustains the work of Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation and is an integral part of making this region a vibrant place for our future.

Entrepreneur Fund

GOAL: Grow the Entrepreneur Fund by $1 million to increase the resources needed for aspiring entrepreneurs and communities.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Contributions support entrepreneurs and the systems needed to encourage success. With increased funds available to support programming, SMIF will boost the innovative capacity of individuals and organizations to build thriving, collaborative and entrepreneurial communities.

Youth Trust Fund

GOAL: Grow the Youth Trust Fund by $1 million to increase the programming necessary to ensure our children have a better future.

We believe that investing in our youngest generation is the smartest long-term plan for the future of our region. Additional dollars will allow SMIF, through our expanding programming and strategic alignments, to support high quality practices for early childhood development for all children in our southern Minnesota region.

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Why do you love where you live?


Together, we will...

  • Create vibrant and sustainable communities where people want to live, work and play
  • Boost entrepreneurs and build the systems and resources necessary to sustain longevity
  • Provide quality child care training to benefit our youngest generation
  • Support communities in their effort to build financial resources and networks for a stronger more robust region
  • Increase resources delivered to the region through endowment investment - $3.5M will increase 25% in 10 years

Donate today!

Questions? Contact Jennifer Nelson - VP, External Relations at | 507.214.7025

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