Fund to benefit economic development efforts in Faribault County


John Huisman

John Huisman

Quinn Huisman

Quinn Huisman

Purpose of the Fund: To support the business growth and economic development opportunities of Faribault County and adjoining areas.

Blue Earth, MINN., Sept. 21, 2017 – The Huisman Family Donor Advised Fund, a fund of the Blue Earth Community Foundation, announces the availability of grants and loans to support economic development efforts in Faribault County, Minnesota and the adjoining areas.

The Huisman Family Donor Advised Fund, created by John and his son Quinn Huisman, was launched to support the overall economic efforts in the place they call home. It is the hope of the Huismans that this fund will augment efforts to expand and reinforce the vitality of Blue Earth and the surrounding communities.

“We’ve got to think bigger, we need to start thinking regionally. Blue Earth can’t exist by itself. It’s going to take some real initiative and my hope is that this new fund will help us get there,” said John Huisman.

IRS-designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and units/agencies of local, state, and federal government can apply for grants; each year $10,000 will be available for grantmaking. Grants are available to support organizations, projects and initiatives impacting economic development efforts. Start up or expanding businesses can apply for loans from $2,000-$35,000. Loans are available to support business growth and economic development opportunities in Faribault County and adjoining areas. The Huisman Family Fund is willing to collaborate on grantmaking and lending to further economic development efforts.

Faribault County has much to offer and this fund will be an additional resource to benefit the area. Grants and loans will be accepted on a rolling basis.

To discuss lending opportunities or to submit a loan application please contact Marcia Haley at 507-214-7021 or and for grant inquiries or to submit an application, please contact Jennifer Heien at 507-214-7040 or at Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation.

For lending inquiries contact:

Marcia Haley, SBA Lending Director

507-214-7021  l

For grant inquiries contact:

Jennifer Heien, Grants Coordinator

507-214-7040  l

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