Sue With GrandkidsSpring Valley Area Community Foundation (SVACF) is one of the six community foundations in Fillmore County. Their annual event, the Little Huskers Race, drew nearly 300 children ages 2–12 this year and is primarily a way for their foundation to raise awareness and give back to the community.

“Little Huskers is about family, community and healthy lifestyles,” said Sue Kolling, SMIF Board & SVACF Chair. “It’s a wonderful moment when those Little Huskers come across the finish line – you’d think they’d won a gold medal.”

“[SVACF] brings in opportunities that might not otherwise be possible,” said Kolling. “We also look at the transfer of wealth that’s set to happen in the coming years and we want to help people leave a legacy to keep those charitable dollars here at home. We have a very generous, caring community. When you find a person’s passion they’re very willing to step up.”

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