Staff Spotlight Rae Jean HansenNumber of Years at the Foundation
25 – longest tenured employee!

Where do you hail from?
Blooming Prairie

Where do you call home now?
Blooming Prairie. I did live in the Cities for a couple years right after college, and in North Dakota for another 10 before my husband and I moved back.

What is your favorite thing about working at SMIF?
The people. You really get to meet and work with some pretty dedicated, amazing people. Also, the flexibility; I was really able to be there for the kids’ activity when they were growing up, which was nice.

Most memorable moment…or at least a funny one?
Trixie, the second President of the Foundation, had this “morale booster” – an old piece of wood with a hammer on it that was supposed to be a monthly prize. After a while, someone started hiding it. No one was too sad to see it go.

Also, after years of dropping hints about having the Foundation provide staff vehicles , I finally got a car…a Matchbox car.

What do you love about southern Minnesota?
I love the seasons, the proximity to so many things and places, and most of all, the people.