Jennifer Heien Favorite Cropped

About Jennifer

Jennifer manages SMIF’s grants program, including evaluations, grant compliance and technical assistance to grantees. She is responsible for the management of over a dozen grant programs geared towards Early Childhood and Economic Development Initiatives. Jennifer has been with SMIF for over 10 years and has been working in our grants program since 2007. Prior to joining SMIF, Jennifer was a small business owner.

What makes Greater Minnesota “greater”?
Beautiful landscape, friendly small communities, great venue for outdoor sports, a lot of fun festivals/events and innovative entrepreneurs.

What is one of the most odd/interesting things you’ve come across in our region?
I’m originally from the Chicago area and I have come across many interesting and unusual things in southern Minnesota, but I must say that Austin’s celebration of canned meat, aka “Spam Jam,” is by far the most unusual.