Disaster Recovery Fund

When disasters strike, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation is there to help. We understand that the loss of even one or two businesses in a small community can have a huge set-back effect. When natural disasters strike, it’s important to be able to get residents and businesses back on their feet as quickly as possible. 

Time and again, our ability to funnel charitable contributions in the wake of natural disasters into the first line of support of small business owners has helped our small communities rebound. Since 2007, we’ve help re-invest over $2.1 million in charitable contributions into over 300 businesses through business recovery grants.

View our Disaster Recovery Fund Fact Sheet. 

Madelia Fire Donors

Early morning on February 3, a fire destroyed several buildings on Madelia’s main street, affecting 8 businesses. SMIF raised nearly $240,000 in grants to help the businesses restock inventory and pay bills until insurance kicked in, help the building owner start rebuilding, and to support Region Nine Development Commission in their role as rebuilding coordinator. “If it hadn’t been for the assistance from Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation’s Disaster Recovery Fund, we would have had to close our doors for good. We had only been in business a year, and had used all of our savings to get it off the ground. We were looking forward to finally making some money this year when the fire hit.” – Nancy Vee, EZ Medical Wraps, Madelia.

Capstone Club ($50,000 & above)

Blandin Foundation, Grand Rapids

Downs Food Group, Mankato

Cornerstone Club ($10,000-24,999)

AgStar Financial Services ACA, Mankato

Mayo Clinic, Rochester

Pioneer Bank - Elmore, Lewisville, Madelia, Mapleton, North Mankato, Mankato, Saint James

Wells Fargo Bank NA – Minneapolis, Albert Lea, Austin, Blue Earth, Dodge Center, Faribault, Mankato, New Prague, New Ulm, North Mankato, Northfield, Owatonna, Red Wing, Rochester Stewartville, Waseca, Winona

Champion ($5,000-9,999)

NuWay Cooperative, Trimont

Rotary Club, Saint James

Leader ($1,000-4,999)

Brian Bowers, Prior Lake

Wayne and Connie Finnern, Okoboji, IA

Initiative Foundation, Little Falls

Louise Knickrehm, Saint James

Bill and Jan Larson, Knoxville, TN

Madelia Optometric Incorporated, Madelia

New Ulm Chamber of Commerce, New Ulm

Northwest MN Foundation, Bemidji

Southwest Initiative Foundation, Hutchinson

Tilney Farms LLP, Wilmette, IL

West Central Initiative, Fergus Falls

Partner ($500-999)

Jan and Lynda Bentdahl, Mankato

Reinhart and Mildred Besel, Saint James

Cargill Salt, Hopkins

Crossroads Church, Saint James

Financial Recovery Services, Minneapolis

Jeremy Greve, Madelia

Thomas Horan, Claremont, CA

Pam Kottke, Buffalo Lake

Joe McCabe, Saint James

Pat McCabe, Rochester

Landy and Virginia Ray, Klamath Falls, OR

Sertoma Club, Saint James

Megan Wildemuth, Geneseo, IL


Kenneth Ammann, Ormsby

Craig and Laurie Anderson, Minneapolis

Dustin and Kara Anderson, Saint James

James and Judy Anderson, Saint James

Jayne Anderson, Saint James

Robert and Marlene Anderson, Trimont

Anything Auto LLC, Saint James

Maria Arellano, Chicago, IL

Todd Arndt, Lewisville

Brad and Shawna Asendorf, Saint James

Leora Ask, Saint James

Wesley and Karla Beck, Saint James

Wesley Beck, Saint James

Ardella Bell, Saint James

Paul and Sharon Berg, Odin

Kimberly Bertucci, Chicago, IL

Cheryl Bjoin, Butterfield

Larry and Linda Blackstad, Saint James

Bruce Boyce and Sally Takala, Waseca

Timothy and Cindy Brey, Saint James

Brian Mccabe Agency, Madelia

Bill Brown, Saint James

Eugene and Cheryl Brown, Saint James

Byron Bruce, Saint James

Barbara Burns, Mankato

James and Linda Buss, Saint James

Darrell Carlson, Saint James

Harold Carstensen, San Antonio, TX

Juan Cervantes, Saint James

Gregg and Teresa Chaplin, Prior Lake

Kevin Christenson, Hanska

Edward and Linda Connell, Saint James

Walter and Phyllis Conway, Saint James

Michael and Margaret Cumings, Saint James

Ethan and Anna Curry, Saint James

Jim and Debbie Daley, Rochester

Peter and Marcia Eggen, Saint James

Dr. James and Catherine Eiselt, Madelia

Gloria Ekstedt, Saint James

Leah Elrod, Saint James

Lois Engel, Saint James

Terry and Heidi Engel, Saint James

Bruce and Diane Englin, Butterfield

Julie Englin, Butterfield

Cleo Erickson, Saint James

Bridget Evens, Minneapolis

Darald and Mary Evers, Saint James

Eyecare Center of St James, Saint James

Farm Tax Management Co, Saint James

Allen and Gayle Flohrs, Ormsby

Brooke Forstner, Mankato

Charlene Forsyth, Saint James

Robert and Sandy Friesen, Saint James

Leland and Mary Froehling, Saint James

Kurt and Margaret Fuhr, Saint James

Wayne and Phyllis Gersch, Saint James

Gregory and Kim Giese, Saint James

Goodburn Farms, Madelia

Jordan Goodman, Highland Park, IL

Katherine Gorham, Chicago, IL

Eliot Grev, Minneapolis

Mike and Deb Grote, Madelia

Kimberly Guyer, Minneapolis

R. D. Harder, Odin

James and Jacqueline Harrington, Butterfield

Gena Harris, Saint James

Paul and Susan Harris, Saint James

Melissa Haseman, Saint James

Tim Hawkes, Hugo

Charles and Joann Haycraft, Saint James

Howie Helling, Lakeville

Cliff Hjelmer, Saint James

Donna and Craig Hoadley, Sheldon, IA

Dale Hoeper, Madelia

Larry and Nichole Hoffman, Hanska

Carol Hoppe, Eden Prairie

Marjorie Jenkins, Saint James

Dale and Bette Johnson, Saint James

Karen Johnson, Saint James

Rosella Johnson, Saint James

Richard and Sharon Jokumsen, Saint James

Tanya Jones, Saint James

JTI Incorporated, Mankato

Joan Klinkner, Madelia

Mark and Evelyn Klinkner, Saint James

Mary Lou Knickrehm, Saint James

Eric Kuehl, Saint James

Brent and Mona Kueker, Ormsby

Earl and Norma Kurtzweg, Saint James

Karen Lahti, Saint James

Ryan and Jinette Lais, Rochester

Paul and Teresa Lange, Madelia

James and Lois Larson, Burnsville

Allan Lee, Hanska

David and Cindy Lehman, Madelia

Stephanie Leimer, Saint James

Jean Leopold, Saint James

Jason and Jody Lepp, Butterfield

Kenneth and Gloria Lewis, Lewisville

Leslie and Gladys Lewis, Saint James

Tim and Nancy Lidstrom, Mankato

Melissa Lueth, Madelia

Brad Lunz, Butterfield

Curt and Corinne Mackey, Saint James

Deloris Madison, Saint James

Matthew Maloney, Madelia

Tom Mayberry, Saint James

Carol Mays, Saint James

Darren McCabe, Saint Paul

Mark McCabe, Saint Paul

Clarissa Meissner, Mankato

Darrick and Kari Miest, Saint James

Minneapolis Foundation, Minneapolis

Benjamin Mischke, Hopkins

Elaine Modeen, Saint James

William and Susan Mohr, Saint James

Kaethe and Patricia Morgan, Saint James

Keith Moulton, Saint James

Curt Nelson, Mountain Lake

Joel and Marilyn Nelson, Saint James

Randy Nelson, Saint James

Roger Nickel, Minneapolis

Jerry and Lynette Noren, Saint James

Leland and Sharon Olson, Saint James

People First, Martin County, Fairmont

Lorraine Petersen, Saint James

Alan and Theresa Peterson, Saint James

Roger and Karen Peterson, Hanska

Katherine Petty, Saint James

Ric and Jane Piepgras, Madelia

Joyce Pierson, Saint James

Dr. Tim and Nancy Pinke, Saint James

Michael Purdy, Saint James

Stacy Reed, Madelia

James and Sherry Regier, Mountain Lake

Merlin and Marjorie Reinke, Saint James

Roald and Ramona Revne, Saint James

RevolutionEHR, Glen Ellyn, IL

Melanie Rheaume, Mankato

Lois Rossiter, Saint James

Edwin Rundell, Saint Peter

Dale and Pam Runge, Saint James

Scott and Samantha Runge, Saint James

John and Pamela Sandbo, Saint James

Dennis and Lana Sander, Saint James

Gloria Sandmeyer, Saint James

Mary Sandmeyer, Saint James

Juri Sanoska, Osterholz-Scharmbeck, DE

Mark and Jill Saunders, Odin

Scott and Julie Schiller, Saint James

Joshua Schoener, Madelia

Curtis and Sara Schultz, Ormsby

Todd and Mary Schwanke, Owatonna

Scott and Mona Shumski, Vernon Center

Mary and Mike Shupe, Saint James

Larry and Lois Siem, Saint James

Jeanette Sinclair, Saint James

Mark and Yvonne Skarphol, La Salle

Joseph and Ruth Smith, Victoria

Michael J and Jennifer J Smith, Hutchinson

Norbert and Lynette Smith, Madison Lake

Peter and Lois Smith, Redwood Falls

James and Lori Sodeman, Saint James

Steven and Monica Sorenson, Madelia

Speedway Builders 4-H Club, Butterfield

Steven Stade, Greeley, CO

Tammy and Warren Stevens, Saint James

Vincent Style, Saint James

Super Sound Tapes Inc, Saint James

Kathleen Svalland, Butterfield

Swanson Agency, Ormsby

Bob and Audrey Swanson, Saint James

Bertil Swenson, Saint James

Arla Tande, Madelia

Kathy Thompson, Madelia

Total Lawn Care & Snow Removal LLC, Madelia

Trinity Lutheran Church, Truman

Underwood Fire Department, Underwood

United Methodist Church, Saint James

Bob Wallace, Fairmont

Holly Ware, Saint James

Mark Warner, Butterfield

Audrey Welchlin, Saint James

Arvid Wentzel, Saint James

Sherwood and Elizabeth Wessel, Saint James

Nicole Westberg, Saint James

Douglas Westman, Saint James

Daniel Wiechert, Lake Crystal

Paul and Sheri Windschill, Saint James

Rodney and Linda Winter, Saint James

Travis and Tracy Winter, Sherburn

Steve and Dawn Witcraft, Saint James

Harold Wolle, Saint James

Eunella Wright, Saint James

Kevin and Pamela Zabka, Saint James

Gus and Jan Zender, Saint James

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