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Every Hand Joined

Every child. Every opportunity. Every step of the way.

On 9/26/2012, after 18 months of research, leaders from Red Wing Public Schools, businesses, non-profits, local government and philanthropic foundations came together to focus on Red Wing's most important resource--it's youth--with the birth of Every Hand Joined.  This initiative was fueled by an economy to support and maintain a more educated workforce for Red Wing and the surrounding region. It's mission is to imagine the impact of a united community where the schools, parents, businesses and non-profits all come together to lift up the potential of all children. Children would thrive and have opportunity in a demanding and changing world. Every Hand Joined is focused on five main things: 

  1. Every child is prepared for school
  2. Every child is supported inside and outside of school
  3. Every child succeeds academically
  4. Every child enters some form of post-secondary education or training
  5. Every child completes their post-secondary education or training and enters a career

With Every Hand Joined's five goals in place, and thanks to various support like the incentive grants awarded by SMIF, there is a vision set in place to help better the community.

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