Rushford Community Foundation (RCF) was founded by a local chartering board of directors in the late 1990s. The foundation has contracted with the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation for fund management and legal services. RCF has adopted a constitution and bylaws document which is independent of, yet in compliance with, the legal structure of the Initiative Foundation. This structure reduces overhead expenses while receiving the benefit of IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit tax status and legal registry as a charity with the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General.


Past and present partners & scholarships include:

  • Partners in Education (PIE)
  • Lois Roberton Nursing Scholarship
  • Rushford-Peterson Community Chest
  • Art Miller Community Service Scholarship
  • RADAR (Rushford Area Disaster Alliance for Recovery)
  • The Rushford Friend’s of the Library
  • Commonweal Theatre
  • Rushford Verterans Memorial

What the Foundation Offers

Rushford Community Foundation offers the opportunity to strengthen the present, honor our history, and make our future more secure through grantmaking and dealing with community needs, concerns and opportunities.

This foundation starts with a set of general objectives but is a living, changing organization that will reflect the needs and goals of people in the community.

Tentative fields of interest include:

  • To promote and enhance education and scholarship
  • To encourage arts and humanities
  • To preserve and enhance our heritage and environment
  • To develop leadership, organization and community skills
  • To enhance social, health and family strengths

The foundation will encourage innovative collaborative efforts among people and existing community structures.  It will promote volunteerism, seek to leverage received and granted dollars, and create action models to share with other communities.

The area covered by the foundation’s services is intended to be broad including nearby townships and towns as may be appropriate for programs.

The Benefit to You

The benefit to you is an opportunity to share your blessing with the whole community in a very carefully managed way, helping this and future generations to receive benefits we have experienced.

  • Your gift can have permanence if you choose an endowed fund, and many years from now your purpose will continue to be honored with the fund income.
  • You have flexibility with your gift:
    • Unrestricted — which gives the board of directors flexibility in meeting community challenges and needs.
    • Restricted — to the area of community life and interest that you specify. Examples would be education, or the arts, or the environment.
    • Designated — Your qualifying gift can be directed for a specific purpose.
    • There are additional choices that may fit your interests so please inquire.
  • You receive accountability when you give: The foundation uses utmost care and public responsibility in managing the trust and the organization while honoring confidentiality and anonymity when requested.

Board of Directors

  • Megan LaFleur
  • Bonnie Prinsen
  • Judy Graham
  • Heather Larson
  • Jeffrey O’Donnell
  • Jack Hedin
  • Len Strapp
  • Kari Johnson
  • Micah Hanson

Flood of 2007

View the recovery plan for downtown Rushford